Technical Services Requests Without Circulating Items Report

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Collection Request Date Title Author
Adult DVD Fiction 2019-04-18 Tombstone -none-
Adult DVD Fiction 2019-11-12 Time machine -none-
Adult DVD Fiction 2020-01-25 Big bang theory. -none-
Adult Fiction 2020-05-19 Bunny Awad, Mona.
Adult Mystery 2020-02-24 Darkness more than night Connelly, Michael
Adult Nonfiction 2020-01-24 Winter in the wilderness Hall, Dave
Adult Nonfiction 2020-02-18 Instant Pot miracle -none-
Board Books 2020-05-27 Little Blue Truck's Christmas Schertle, Alice.
E Fiction 2020-05-24 Flat Stanley Brown, Jeff
E Fiction 2020-05-25 Curious George Rey, Margret.
E Fiction 2020-05-27 Things that sometimes happen Avi
E Fiction 2020-05-29 Curious George and the dump truck -none-
E Spanish Fiction 2020-05-19 Jumanji. [Spanish] Van Allsburg, Chris.
Easy Readers 2020-05-28 History of the Fourth of July Linde, Barbara M.
J Biography 2020-03-09 Henry Stanley and David Livingstone Clinton, Susan.
J DVD Fiction 2020-03-11 Pocahontas -none-
J DVD Fiction 2020-03-12 Secret of the magic gourd -none-
J DVD Fiction 2020-05-20 Magic puppy -none-
J DVD Fiction 2020-05-27 Where the wild things are -none-
J Fiction 2020-05-20 Princess in black Hale, Shannon.
J Fiction 2020-05-29 Other words for home Warga, Jasmine.
J Nonfiction 2020-05-29 Dragonflies Hansen, Grace.
YA Nonfiction 2020-03-03 Powers of a girl Cink, Lorraine v1.4
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